Welcome to our website! Bird Watcher Supply Company has been your best source for attracting and feeding wild birds in Georgia since 1988. Our five stores are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable folks that will be happy to help answer your questions, set you up with a feeding station, stop squirrels, pick the perfect gift for a loved one or just talk birds.

The original owners, Richard and Nancy Cole, mortgaged their house and their lives to open the first Bird Watcher store in Kennesaw. What followed was an adventure in every sense of the word. Along the way, Bird Watcher grew and became a community of dedicated, caring employees and thousands of loyal customers.

Richard and Nancy owned, operated, worked at, sweated over, and loved Bird Watcher and its customers for over 26 years. The stores, the wonderful employees, and all the great customers were such a large and rewarding part of their lives, that the decision to retire was very difficult. Fortunately, they had two long-term employees, Julia Elliott and Karen Theodorou, who they trusted to take over as the new owners.

Together, Julia and Karen have been with Bird Watcher Supply for over 50 years, and are very knowledgeable retailers and bird watchers. Since taking over in 2015, we’ve expanded our home décor and gift departments, while continuing to have the best selection of food, houses, feeders, birdbaths and accessories for enjoying wild birds. The stores are bursting at the seams with an amazing selection of beautiful gifts, handbags, jewelry, fashion, and decorative items for home and garden. Sometimes people confuse our name with other stores, until they shop with us! We are definitely not your average wild bird store!

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Julia Elliott and Karen Theodorou, owners of Bird Watcher Supply Company