For The Birds

Take a look at some items we have for the birds at Bird Watcher Supply Company!

Bird feed, bird houses and feeders, baths and accessories for bird lovers -
 Give us a call to see if we have these items in stock, and you would like to pick up at curbside!
Visit our Locations page for information.
Cole's Hummer High Rise Feeder, the Trap-It Ant Moat and a package of Perfect Little Brushes 
BB1 Bluebird House, Copper Portal, 74" Black Pole, Flange, 12" Ground Socket and Squirrel Baffle
Cole's Bountiful Bowl, 5lb Special Feeder and a Birds of Georgia Field Guide  
Audubon Hanging Double Platform Feeder $69.99
Bluebird House Kit from KIDZ Feeders by WoodLink--$29.99. Stickers and fun facts included.
Perky Pet Antique Hummingbird Feeder in Blue--$34.99
bird seed, bird food, Cole's wild bird products
We regularly carry the full line of Cole's Wild Bird Products! Click here for a description of each seed/seed blend or ask an associate for a recommendation. Most are available in 5, 10, and 20lb bags. Cole's is in short supply due to Covid. 40lb bags are not available, and smaller bag availability varies from week to week.
Please call your local store before coming in for a specific size/flavor.

Galvanized seed storage cans have a locking handle to keep pesky critters out.
10 Gallon - Item #1585 - $29.99
20 Gallon - Item #1594 - $39.99
Good Directions Copper Shingled Feeder - Item #1191 - $249.99
(4x4 post not included) Matching House available - Item #1182 - $249.99
Assorted Cedar and Recycled Plastic Hoppers
and Tray Feeders
Good Directions Chateau Birdhouse
Item #1468 - $279.99 
Bluebird House with "Nest" brand - Item #2685 - $39.99 - made locally!
Handmade locally--classic and mid-century modern birdhouses from Fauna & Fig $49.99
Bark Bluebird House - Item #4181 - $49.99
- made out of cypress in South Georgia!
Vortex Binoculars
$119.99 - $249.99
Good Directions--Bell Tube Feeder
#1468 $139.99
Squirrel-Free Feeding - Hot Meats, Blazing Hot Blend, Hot Meats Suet Cakes, Flaming Squirrel Sauce, Flaming Hot Feast Seed Cakes and more!
seed bell, bird seed, bird food, bugs, nuts, fruit, mealworms
Mr. Bird Bugs, Nut & Fruit Bells
  - the simplest way to quickly feed your birds.
Item #4000 - $6.99
Bluebird Favorites - Sunflower Meats, Nutberry Suet Blend, Live Mealworms, Dried Mealworms, Suet Kibbles, Bluebird Nuggets and more!
Seed Cakes and Cylinders are easy to use!
No heavy seed bags to carry.
Great for seniors or feeding on vacation.
Forever Niger Feeder for Goldfinches! Item # 1059 - $19.99
Garden Glory by Heartwood
 Mahogany Bluebird House
- Item #2817 - $119.99
Petite Bluebird Feeder - Item #3739 - $24.99
Revenge of the Birds Mesh Feeder
Item #3882 - $24.99
Mealworm Jail Feeder - heavy duty recycled plastic with metal grid keeps Starlings, Mockingbirds and Grackles from stealing your Bluebirds' mealworms! Item #2748 - $79.99
Birds Choice Bluebird Flower Feeder
Great for Live or Dried Mealworms
Item #2712 - $19.99
Looker Screech Owl Box
Natural pest control!
Item #1169 - $79.99
C&S EZ Fill Suet Basket
Attract Woodpeckers, Warblers and more!
Item #563 - $3.99
All Purpose Window Hanger (holds up to 5#)
Item #1158 - $14.99
Cole's Hummer High Rise - Item #518 - $27.99
Our most popular hummer feeder!
Cole's Terrific Tube shown with optional tray
4 ports - Item #162 - $49.99 (shown)
6 ports - Item #163 - $59.99
Aspect's 10" Fancy Swirl Tray - Item # 429 - #24.99 (shown)
Cole's 12" Titan Tray - Item #389 - $24.99
Squirrel Resistent Bird Feeder by Woodlink
Chateau Squirrel-Proof Feeder
Item #2779 -$69.99
Hummer Helper Nesting Material
Item #1024 - $14.99
Trap-It Ant Moat - Item #1709 - $6.99
Hummblossom Rose Hummingbird Feeder Item #4004  - $19.99
Pop's Original Hummingbird Swing
Charmed Swing - Item #1129 - $15.99
Perky Pet Pinch-Waist/Four Fountains Hummingbird Feeder - Item #1271 - $17.99 
Cole's Nature's Garden Hummingbird Nectar
- ready to pour, no dyes or additives
Item #1844 - $16.99
Perky Pet Red Antique Bottle
Hummingbird Feeder
Item #3311 - $34.99
Aspects Quick Clean Big Tube Feeder
with Cardinal Perches
Item #1784 - $109.99
Squirrel Picnic Feeder for Two
- $29.99 Shown with Corn Cob or try
Sweet Corn Logs - Item# 566 - $4.99
Nut 'n Sweet Corn Logs - Item # 567 - $4.99

bird house, birdhouse, bluebird house, bird box, nest box
If you can't beat them, join them!
Erva Squirrel Feeder, Metal  
Item #705 - $49.99
Cole's Whole Peanuts 2.5# - Item #2177 - $9.99
Daisy Pool Birdbath - Made in Athens, GA! Item #3722 - $69.99
Floating Solar Birdbath Bubbler - Item #3347 - $34.99 
Ceramic Hanging Birdbath - available in Green Hummingbird (Item #3766) or Blue Bird (Item #3764) - $39.99
New Muskingum Raspberry Birdbath from Burley Clay Products - $99.99
bird feeder, Cole's Wild Bird Products, Bountiful Bowl, new, dome feeder
Cole's Bountiful Bowl - Item #510 - $49.99
One of our favorites!
suet, suet feeder, decorative feeder, bird feeding
BNP Recycled Tail Prop Suet Feeder
 Item #2691 - $19.99
bird feeder, copper, moon, crescent, decorative
Good Directions Crescent Moon Bird Feeder
Item #1546 - $99.99
Cardinal Suet Feeder  - Item #2688 - $24.99
nature's way, bamboo feeder, bluebird, hot meats, pepper nuggets
Erva Barrier Bluebird Feeder - Item #697 - $79.99
Keeps your mealworms safe from squirrels, starlings and blackbirds
Seed, suet, feeder, feeders, bird food, bird seed, Cole's Wild Bird Products
We have a great selection of suet feeders and cakes, Puddin' Poles, along with suet plugs, suet kibbles, dried mealworms, suet nuggets, Flaming Squirrel Sauce, fruit feeders and more!
Bird seed, bird feeders, humming bird feeders available at Bird Watcher Supply Company
Tube feeders, mesh feeders and cage feeders are terrific options for bird feeding. Add a tray to tube feeders to accomodate Cardinals and larger birds, and to hold more seed.
Bird seed, bluebird feeder, suet kibbles, mealworms, Droll Yankee, X-1
American Goldfinches are acrobats! They often hang upside down and sideways on feeders filled with sunflower meats and/or niger seed.
We also have a huge selection of hummingbird feeders and ways to hang them, ant traps, brushes, nectar, swings and much more to attract nature's tiny jewels to your yard.
hummingbird feeder, bird feeding, saucer, ruby-throat
Saucer feeders are the best choice for easy-to-fill and clean hummingbird feeders. They are usually bee-proof since they do not drip or leak!
bird food, bird seed, platform feeder, tray feeder, cardinal food
Tray or platform feeders are best for larger birds like Cardinals, Doves and Grosbeaks - call for selection or hanging or ground feeders
We have a bounty of birdhouses! Selection can vary at each store, but give us a call and we can recommend our favorites!
Bluebird houses should be pole mounted with a baffle and entrance portal for best protection from predators, not on trees.
Brome Squirrel-Proof Feeders - from the left:
Mini - Item #39 - $34.99
Standard - Item #910 - $44.99/Legacy - Item #925 - $59.99
Peanut - Item #777 - $74.99
Classic - Item #753 - $64.99
Finch - Item #114 - $64.99
Plus - Item #84 - $109.99
Our best squirrel proof feeder now in suet!
Brome Squirrel Buster Suet Feeder
- holds two suet cakes
Item #1133 - $79.99
Bird seed, bird feed, and bird feeders available at Bird Watcher Supply Company
Bird seed, bird feed, and bird feeders large capacity, squirrel proof
Bird seed, bird feed, and bird feeders for Finches available at Bird Watcher Supply Company