Q: How do I stop squirrels?
A: There are several ways to stop squirrels, but some may work better than others for you, so don't get discouraged if your first attempt doesn't work. Squirrels are very crafty and clever! We recommend a good squirrel-proof feeder in most situations. They are weight-activated, so when the squirrel puts his weight on the feeder, it will close off the food supply. They tend to work best on straight poles or extended reach arms and poles. Hangingpole or post baffles are also effective deterrents. Remember that a squirrel can jump vertically 4-5' and horizontally 8-10', so place your setup in an open area where they can't launch from a roof, tree or nearby shrub. TheTough Bird Feeder Guard is another type of pole baffle that stops critters with a safe, static electric pulse. Another method is to switch your birdseed to Cole's Hot MeatsBlazing Hot Blend, or Cajun Blend. These are treated with 100% natural hot pepper sauce that repels squirrels, but is not tasted by birds at all! If you prefer, you can buy the Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce and mix with your own seed. We do carry Cole's Hot Meats Suet and C&S Hot Pepper Delight Suet, also. Diversion feeding does not usually work, but if you want to feed the squirrels away from your birdfeeders, try Corn Cobs or Critter Munchies!
Q: How do I attract hummingbirds?
A: Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are here from late-March through early-November. The peak season is always mid-July through early October when the young birds have left the nest and both young and adult birds flock to feeders to tank up and put on weight for their southbound migration. To get the most hummingbirds, hang several feeders and some of their favorite plants. It is extremely important to keep the nectar fresh. Old, fermented nectar can make them sick. When temperatures are below 80F, you can change the nectar every 5 days. When temperatures are in the 80-90F range, change at least every 3-4 days. When temps reach 90F+, change every 1-2 days. Making your own nectar is very easy. Just take 4 parts of warm water (1 cup) to 1 part white cane sugar (1/4 cup). Mix until it dissolves. Do not add any red food coloring or preservatives, it is not necessary and can potentially harm them. We no longer sell red nectar in our stores. There are many types of hummingbird feeders on the market. We find the saucer style feeders like the Cole's Hummer High Rise are the easiest to use, attract fewer ants and bees and the birds love them! Our staff will be happy to show you our huge selection of feeders when you visit. Make sure to add an ant trap if your feeder does not come with one. We do get some wintering hummingbirds, mainly the Rufous Hummingbird that breeds in the Pacific Northwest. We urge our customers to leave out one feeder year-round and let us know if you see any hummers November 1st - March 1st!
Q: Bluebirds are my favorite! How do I get them to nest in my yard?
A: Bluebirds like to nest in open, grassy areas, on a pole or post with a baffle to guard from raccoons and squirrels. They like roomy, well-ventilated houses with an entrance hole of 1.5". Place the box away from trees and busy birdfeeders and do not face westwards, into the hot afternoon sun. Try not to use pesticides in your yard since they feed mostly on insects. Bluebirds will visit feeders for liveand dried mealwormssuet kibbles and nuggets and Sunflower Meats. If you happen to attract a Chickadee, Titmouse, Nuthatch or Wren pair, please do not evict them. They need safe nest boxes, too! Just put up another house for the Bluebirds.
Q: What's the best food for songbirds?
A: Most birds that visit your feeders want Black Oil Sunflower Seed or Sunflower Meats. Safflower, Niger, peanuts, pecans and dried fruit are also good. White Millet is a tiny, round seed eaten by many ground-feeding birds like Doves, Towhees, Sparrows and Juncos. We carry the entire Cole's Wild Bird Products line at our stores. Cole's uses only the best quality seeds and never any fillers like Milo. You can't go wrong with Special FeederNutberry Suet Blend or Blue Ribbon BlendHot MeatsBlazing Hot Blend and Cajun Blend are best if you don't want squirrels. Don't forget the suet and mealworms - terrific high protein foods that can be used year-round for insect eating birds.
Q: Do you have a Rewards Program?
A: YES! Our customers love our Cole's Rewards Program. For every dollar of Cole's products purchased, you accrue one point. When you reach 300 points, you will receive $20 or more off anything in the store on your next visit. Points never expire, and can be used with occasional coupons for even more savings. Many customers save their points up and redeem them for something special like a new birdbath or set of wind chimes.
Q: How do I get coupons?
A: Please sign up for our store newsletter. It goes out bi-weekly and has great information about birds, events, local field trips, featured products, seasonal sales and occasional coupons.
Q: Do you do online sales?
A: We no longer have an online store, but if there is something you see on our site that you want, or there is an item you've seen in our store or ordered in the past, please call us at 770-499-7597, and we can do the transaction over the phone from 10 am - 6 pm Monday through Saturday, and 12 - 5 pm on Sunday. Thank you!